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Zoc transcribes your class lecture and prepares a summary, outline, and list of topics for you to review to master that class. You can then use the Zoc tutor functions to quiz yourself on the material. Not a native English speaker? Zoc can translate your transcript, notes, and quizzes into any of 29 languages.

Zoc combines proven educational frameworks with powerful technology, including AI. For example, Bloom’s Taxonomy is used to prepare the quizzes in the Tutor module. It is all seamlessly integrated into the app.

Zoc can be used by any student who wants to improve their note-taking and studying. Zoc is especially helpful for students who have challenges taking notes in class, such as those with learning differences and student-athletes who miss class because of away games. It also helps students for whom English is a second language.

Yes. Everything can be accessed through both devices.

Yes. Zoc transcribes your lecture and creates notes so you can pay attention to what the professor is saying instead of busily taking notes. Your full transcript and summaries are available in Zoc.

Zoc can accurately translate your class transcripts, notes, or quizzes into any of 29 languages.

No. The power of AI is available at the touch of a button.

AI is used for some of the more advanced functions, such as note generation and translation. Zoc's AI functionality is built in a way that students can only use it for learning. That's why the Webby Awards judges named Zoc a 2024 Honoree in the Responsible AI category.

Zoc.ai is committed to the ethical use of AI – harnessing the power of AI to help students acquire knowledge faster and more deeply. The AI is built into the app to give it impressive functionality. The AI functions are not directly accessible to the user and cannot be used to generate papers or other content.

No. Zoc does not use lecture content to train AI or to mine content from lectures.

No. Zoc’s AI is only used to perform the Zoc functions of generating notes and translations. The AI is embedded in the app and cannot be used for any other purposes.