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The Science-Based Study Companion

Zoc takes flawless class notes, highlights and organizes key topics, translates into 29 languages, and creates quizzes to help students master the class.

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Discover the Science Behind Zoc

We built Zoc from the ground up to combine state-of-the-art technology with trusted educational frameworks, such as Bloom's taxonomy.

Research has shown that tools such as Zoc can increase attention in the classroom, study effectiveness, and student achievement. Read more, including a white paper by Zoc's Chief Learning Scientist Dr. Judy Parker in our Educators section.

What Students are Saying

"It allowed me to take notes without me ever having to pick up a pencil."

Kevin, St. Thomas University

Zoc supports students and educators at hundreds of universities, including these.

St. Thomas University
Columbia University

Who Benefits From Using Zoc?

Zoc's most passionate users range from high-performers seeking an edge to students who face learning challenges.


US undergraduates say digital learning tools help improve their focus and grades.

Leveling the Educational Playing Field

Our mission is to level the educational playing field for all students.


US undergraduates have jobs outside of school.


US undergraduates have learning differences.


US undergraduates are non-native English speakers.

Awards & Recognition

Zoc is new, but we've already been recognized three times by the judges at the Webby Awards, which the New York Times calls "the Internet's highest honor."

Webby 2024 Award Honoree: Responsible AI
Responsible AI
Webby 2024 Award Nominee: Innovation Apps
Innovation Apps
Webby 2024 Award Nominee: Work & Productivity Apps
Work & Productivity Apps
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Higher grades.
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Better outcomes.

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